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Fenaflex Plus Tyre Couplings


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Fenaflex® Plus Tyre couplings provide all the desirable features of an ideal flexible coupling, including Taper-Lock® fixing. The Fenaflex® Plus Tyre coupling is a "torsionally elastic" coupling offering versatility to designers and engineers with a choice of flange combinations to suit most applications.

The flanges are available in either F or H version Taper-Lock® fitting or bored to size B. With the addition of a spacer flange, the coupling can be used to accommodate standard distance between shaft ends and facilitate pump maintenance.

F e n a f l e x ® P l u s T y r e c o u p l i n g s c a n accommodate simultaneous maximum misalignment in all planes without imposing undue loads on adjacent bearings and the excellent shock-absorbing properties of the flexible tyre reduce vibrations and torsional oscillations.

Fenaflex® Plus tyres are available in natural rubber compounds for use in ambient temperatures between -50°C to +50°C. Neoprene rubber compounds are available for use in adverse operating conditions e.g. oil or grease contaminations and can be used in temperatures of -15° C to + 70° C.
F.R.A.S. tyres are available for use when fire resistance and antistatic (F.R.A.S.) properties are required.